Clandestine Yearning for Ambrosia

Spring was in the air, flowers blossoming everywhere,

The beauty was not outside, evolving inside with great zest,

Ambrosia looked so petite, her physical demeanor gracefully divine,

She was the Goddess on earth, he felt and could see no beauty else,

Her gestures, he adored falling more and more for her,

He was awestruck, thy admirer of Ambrosia, she knew not,


Myriad were her admirer, of her beauty and her body,

Lustfully their shadows followed her everywhere,

Whom she defied to give her soul and her purity,

Unaware of that one lover, the rest were same for her,

Ambrosia looked at them all, filled with odium eyes,

Aware was she, it was their will, to make the shroud of her,

 Purity filled with red, she wanted a lover whom she wanted to give,

Everything, her soul, her purity, her beauty and her love,


 Came the occasion, one moment was that heaven’s decided time,

He passed across her, it was all fate defined,

Captured the glimpse of Ambrosia, his heart filled with joy overwhelming,

He was the clandestine lover, admirer of Ambrosia,

This time she saw him, their eyes met, a sudden spark twinkled,

She fell in love at once, feeling for the first time,

He was such a fine looking man, but never had she seen him amidst the crowd,

Sooner she felt it was him, she has waited so long, whom she will give herself to,


He for eternity dreamt of having her by his side,

Often made love to her in his world of imagination,

Thought never his wish would be granted, but she came on her own,

Midnight she choose, Ambrosia fully awaken of her desires,

Wrapped in a veil, her physicality could be seen through,

Her mind was already racing, leaving her body behind,


She wanted to reach him, be with him, falling in his arms,

Her beauty became more blooming filling her face with a light,

It was the light of her sensuality; her bodily desires rising high,

She reached and went straight to his arms,

Captured still in his dreams of Ambrosia, thought she was not real,

Her touch so sensuous made him realized, she was there, she was there!


Moments unknown he kept looking at her beauty, she was the Goddess,

Whom he worshipped in the temple of his heart,

She had locked her desires, her feelings of sinful love so had he,

Crossed the boundaries of humanly ties, raging with a fire inside,

Full of lustful love, she was the ferocious tigress that night,

He was the hunter of his seductress; she became his easy prey,


They made love for first; it was ethereal and divine,

Their bodies became one; heavens witnessed love so pure,

Night turned into dawn, time felt being taken away,

They were now intertwined into one soul,

Humanly ties, worldly relations seemed so small,

They remained lovers forever, not abided by any law,


Night after night she came, he waited for her arrival,

Sinful, lustful, they did whatever, it was pure love,

Ambrosia choose him, he filled her with him,

And forever this sumptuous love saga went on and on ……….


*Monalisa Joshi*




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