Small Story

Another one for valentines day 'True Love' On ...

Ria was a young girl in her twenties and fell in love with a fine looking man double of her age  whom she thought was her world. She often found herself unknowingly gazing at him, but he never took a glimpse at her. Ria  got agitated with this behavior of his,  and one day she went straight to him and asked him, that why he doesn’t respond back at her gestures, doesn’t he understands this that she loves him or he doesn’t find her attractive.

At first he laughed, Ria felt insulted she turned back and was about to leave, when he suddenly held her hand and said,” if you really love me then prove it, prove your true love for me. Ria got so excited and happy that the next day she came with fancy gifts, boxes of chocolates and flowers and many masculine stuffs that she could have found for him and gave it all to him with a note reading “I love you”. The man laughed again loud this time saying, “Poor girl you don’t love me you just want to buy me through these fanciful things which I have no need for.

This time he said it with certain annoyance, visible on his face and with a heavy voice, prove your true love to me only then I will have a relationship with you. Ria was deeply hurt in her heart she went all the way back home crying, feeling insulted. Next day she came in front of him and said, “You want me to prove my true love for you”. And suddenly she fell down on the ground her wrist badly cut and bleeding. Shocked with fear, he rushed her to the hospital, for Goodness sake it wasn’t too late the doctor told him.

Ria was alive, the nurse allowed him in the room, he went there and sat beside her. She was awake and seeing him she immediately said, “Now you know that I love you, and can do anything for you”. He kept his silence and smiled.

Weeks after she came back home, he came to visit her. She felt so happy from inside it showed on her face. He brought her lilies with a note saying ‘Thank You for becoming my friend”. She read it and looked at him with strange gaze. He gently took her hand and said, “My dear what you did was the sheer act of innocence and foolishness.” When you love someone you don’t hurt yourself, neither him. The first rule of love begins with the oath that you think of the person’s well being and of yourself. Respecting each other’s love and good health is the most important step in a relationship that culminates into the years to come. Hurting yourself physically, never proves your love, it only shows your possessive nature for that person. And being possessive is not true love; it fades away with time once you have that thing or person. When you love someone from your soul and heart you will always think of living, living till the end in the arms of your lover,  with the constant fear of dying and secretly praying for your beloved’s longer life. Love is something that will make you desire to live more and more and not die, enjoying every moment of being in love and feeling like not letting those precious moments go ever.

Those words brought a great change in Ria, she could see it all so clear and for the first time she saw a very good friend sitting in front of her. She hugged him and said, “Thank You for being such a great friend”.   

*Monalisa Joshi*




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