Mausoleum the Eyes of Archisa

Alive was she, mortal in the world of beings,

Regal in her life there was lot to discover,

She was on her way to home, hearth where she belonged,

The undying desire to achieve so much, time so less,

Archisa wanted to make it grand, sharing the success from both her hands,


Rushing with haste, there was someone waiting,

She wanted to share it, from hair to toe,

The news of happiness that no one she ever cared to let known,

Except her lover, whom she had a word with, that morning,

The moment arrived; she was back, calling her lover,

Many a times she called, her lover’s name,


Anxious and scared, what happened to him,

Where was he, why can’t her eyes find him anywhere?

She looked into the corners where he was,

Came outside the abode, saw so many beings coming towards her,

Archisa shouted, waved her hands, no body looked at,

Bothered, full of rage she went to her lover,


He never looked at her, and never could hear,

His eyes were wet and red, she knew not why?

She went along with him inside asking again,

He never responded, nor did he answered,

She tried to touch him, comfort him, make love to him,


She couldn’t reach him, touch him, sooner she realized,

Archisa could read his thoughts in the space, for now was she part of it,

Came a loud shrill, Archisa, Archisa, I am so alone,

Captured in the world of awe, knew now she has deceased

Was caught in the immortality, her soul now was there,


Cried she, so loud, only heavens could hear, rushed to her lover,

Trying to embrace his presence, touch him, hold him,

Her soul passing through his physicality,

 He only felt her presence around, Archisa was dead,

He knew it was his mind; she would come back never,


That day when she was in haste, she reached never,

Her home, reached the news, her soul now alongside her lover,

Watched the other day of her burial, he went there to be with her,

Archisa now knew her new home, stayed there in peace,

Days changed to months, months to years, years now to,

Time unmeasured for her, she don’t remember when he came last,


Archisa waiting in her mausoleum, has her eyes laid,

For him, her soul now waits to see his sight,

The world was moving, she was stuck for his love,

Came many to visit their loved ones,

Came never, whom Archisa awaits forever,

Within the Loathsome silence of her mausoleum, her eyes are wet ……


*Monalisa Joshi*





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