Shadows of darkness brought the light

Creation of her life was a beautiful beginning, she was in high spirits,

Heaven where her spirit floated, many a times, happiness seemed infinite,

Blessed with a divine life, love overflowing everywhere,

She felt the illusion so real and never-ending,

Life gifting, bestowing with all she desired off,

First blessing came, her falling in love with the man of dreams,

She was strolling high; love was all her soul was filled with,

Things were endless, happening sudden, gave her blissful delight.


Spring blossoming in her heart, life became meaningful,

Came the second blessing, her perpetual bonding to the being of desire,

Moments of time seized in her fist, contentment, pleasure both she had,

Woven in her garment of soul, she would ever purge it off.

Endless seconds of time passing by, brought the third gift,

She had the real blessing, of a beautiful child in her lap,


Life was enigmatic; thought she, made this illusion her reality,

Trapped in this stereotypical dream, lived the illusion at the fullest,

Spending cuddly moments of her life share, alongside her child,

Thought she had everything, everything she needed of,

Fourth came the blessing of darkness, brought the truth so harsh,


Bubble of delusion burst, her spirit caught in the shadows of black,

The river of negativity flowing, great intensity of waves,

Unasked for, spirits of darkness came knocking,

Shaking her faith and energy, she saw, they took it all,

Happiness locked in the cage of heart, which she was possessor of,

The cage was broken apart, keys to its door was stolen,


She was calm like stagnant water, flowing with ease,

Shadows of darkness caused ripples, waves never stopped,

Many a times her faith shook, she was strong, patient, faithful,

Faithful on her god, faithful on her lord,

She knew the time would pass; bad memories would stay behind,

Yet time appeared clogged, darkness took over control of life,


Finally, came the real awakening, she have had enough,

Negativity wasn’t destiny, decreed upon her,

She saw, analyzed, she opened the door herself,

Invited the shadows of darkness, allowed to ruin her life,

She realized, her faith shaken for she let it so,


Faith was all she had to cling to, faith brought the real awakening,

The fruits of life she reaps, for what was sown in the past!

She saw the light, had the answers clear in her mind,

She was the controller; happiness was the key, answer to delusional key,

Of that which never existed, she was the possessor again,

Life became meaningful, stagnancy and peace is her friends!


She forgives it all, malice, grudges, vengeance vanished for ever,

Her being now floats in heaven, unaffected of the past,

Faith she clings to, faith taught it all, and faith she had,

Would have, longer her existence on earth and beyond,

She conquered the shadows of darkness, much in love,

With all, for they brought enlightenment she knew never. 


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