Thunderstorm: Awakening of the Spirit

thunderstorm (Photo credit: notarim)

Lightening in the sky, remembrance of the time,

Has long gone by, reviving back with all its zest,

Moments of time, sailing on the ship of dreams,

Visualizing the dream of longing and ecstasy,

Lightening is the maiden, in much love with thunderstorm.


Sparking, shining, falling into the arms of its lover,

Throwing charm and vigor, seducing its lover,

Possessive of its love, to be shared with,

Envious of another muse, ferocious as tigress,

Opening its arm wide, invitation to the might,


Thunderstorm wrapped in ignorance, with veiled eyes,

Blindly a noise some, marks its masculinity of pride,

Oh! Can’t see the overflowing love of its maiden,

Believes in thundering, and thundering all arrogance!

Diffident of expressing its love and lust,


Beloved of thy spirit, is like thunderstorm,

Reluctant of revealing, it’s hidden romance,

Forcing the quiescent spirit to awaken,

Futile its efforts, had been for long,

Thy, awakening has come from the eternal saga,

Of lightening the maiden, and thunderstorm,

The surreptitious lover, admirer of its beauty,


Thunderstorm, thunderstorm is the true awakening,

 Awakening of the spirit, for it longs, the love they have,

Inexpressive yet, visible and enviable,

May the spirit fly the kingdom of heaven,

Learn by heart the unconditional love,


Becomes the veteran of articulating its love,

Love so pure, the spirit has awakened,

Quintessential romance of the time passed by,

Reviving back, the spirit is sailing with the flow,

Yearning to confess, for now has thy spirit awakened?


Thunderstorm, thunderstorm, is the true awakening,

Bestowing the respect, to its maiden,

The spirit is blissfully in trance,

Oh! Lightening the maiden, has taught true love,

The spirit is blossoming, for now has the spirit awakened.


*Monalisa Joshi*



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