Rain And My Soul

Rain drops I hear tip –tap, tip-tap,

This is so beautiful, all is god’s creation.

The drops are washing away all the soreness locked,

Deep inside the core,

Things are beautiful for the eyes,

Now they see the transparency, veiled earlier,


Luminescence, followed by love and pain,

Tastes, the very essence of the soul,

Penetrating, inside deep, things are bright.

Love is the feeling flowing everywhere,

Heart is pounding faster,

Making its presence felt stronger.


Soul is all that, is left of me,

So refined, so untouched, so pure,

Like a virgin, I feel, my heart is sailing high,

All is washed away, fear, pain, tears,

Rest is kept aside for future,

Present is where my being strides,

Dancing, laughing, and loving.


Often the mind wonders, in subtlety,

Feeling strong of this hollowness,

Why the soul is clinging, to the past,

Present is clear, future is near.

Let go, let go,

For soul is all that is, left of me,

Rain is taking it all, can the past be forgotten?


Perhaps, this is the message of the God,

God in the heavens, God within us,

Strive, thrive, excel, and leave all behind;

Leave memoirs from the past,

Merge into the light, light of the souls,

For soul is all, that is, left of me.


*Monalisa Joshi*


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