Creation of a New Life

A woman is nature’s most exquisite creation favored with a statuette physical body. The aura, beauty and grace of women have always been an inspiration for poet’s rhythmic poetry, an artist’s marvel creation and sculptor’s imagination carved into stones. In all the stages of life; from a child to a, youthfully grown female, to a time honored veteran, a woman looks gleaming and beautiful in every part of her life. The beauty of the woman is more enhanced when she is transformed into a mother with a baby in her womb.

The creator has given the blessing of creation to all life forms on earth for creating their own kinds. Yet the way a woman holds a baby in her womb for nine months and gives birth to its own kind is the most beautiful part of this creation. Life inside a mother’s womb begins with an embryo, which is wrapped with the divine light and when it begins the journey of nine months inside the mother’s womb the light reflects through her face and body and makes a woman and her physical appearance absolutely beautiful and graceful.

The whole cycle of birth and the creation man’s own specie, through women is a divine gift to mankind. Though a woman alone is not capable of being part of this creation,  for creation could only initiate through the amalgamation of man and woman. (Purusa and Prakriti). The cosmos within which every life form is subsisting is Purusa and the nature which is providing with the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire, for the survival of life form is Prakriti (Sanskrit Term). Purusa thus generates life and Prakriti brings it into existence and nurtures it. Same law, human beings are in abidance with, it is through the amalgam of Purusa (Man) and Prakriti (Woman), and a new life is formed within this creation. Both are fragile and incomplete without one another. Formation of a new life though Purusa and Prakriti is an abiding law of nature and even if the whole world is transformed into a complete scientific era, still then the law of creation of humankind and the process of birth through a woman would continue to remain as pure and divine as it has remained from the time of first human origination.


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