Superimposition of ‘I’ By The Ego Self

Today’s hard materialistic life, myriad people are searching for the absolute truth and eternal bliss. To realize the absolute one has to surrender completely the ‘Ego Self’ which is the creator of all the obstructions in the path of self realization and of the absolute. In this transitory world ; we have lost our true self the true ‘I’ because of the artificial illusions, ephemeral attachments and for worldly possessions. Man believes these to be the everlasting ultimate reality and we are so poorly wrapped in this delusional web of this materialistic world that most of us are not able to find or have little time for realizing the true self. This true self is lying within us in a very dormant state, superimposed by the ‘ego self’ , this ego self or the Aham bhava ( Sanskrit term) is nothing but the feeling of ‘me’, ‘myself’, ‘mine’ and it is this ego of man which has superimposed the true ‘I’, our very physical existence beneath the ego self, bounding us to live with the pretended entity or the unreal self.

Nevertheless; having said ‘I’ to be the the true self an explanation becomes necessary, as a doubt could arise here , for ‘I’ is also an expression of the ‘ego self’. From my perspective , ‘I’ is the subconscious self which has adopted a quiescent nature because of the domination by the consciously active ‘ego self’. This subconscious ‘I’ is waiting to be realized and this could be done only, when one negates the egoistic feelings and many expressions associated with it, from the mind and with the negation of the ‘ego self’ all kind of negative impulses will necessarily disappear. To unearth this true self ‘I’ one has to reach deep within the level of the inner self and has to bring out from beneath the suppression of the unreal pretending ‘I’ ( ego self).

Even though purging off the superimposition of the the ‘ego self’ is not an effortless task , but man can eradicate its finite nature by practicing mediation. Perhaps , through spiritualism when the veil of ‘ego self ‘ is removed one realizes the true self, and self realization is nothing but the realization of the ‘Divine’. This entanglement form the ‘ego self’ will take man to the level of the divine ‘I’ . When the true or the divine ‘I’ conquers the outer self , then all the barriers of egoism are broken apart and one experience’s eternal love and peace from within and reflects the same  in abundant light form towards whole human race. This inner self or the subconscious ‘I’ is actually the true reflection of the existing self within this transitory world , much higher than the ‘egoistic’ self.  


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